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Best Blues Songs: Andre “The Rhythm” Williams

Best Blues Songs: Andre “The Rhythm” Williams

Andre Williams at Chicago Blues Fest 2010  - photo Marko Forsten - CC Flickr
Andre Williams at Chicago Blues Fest 2010 – photo Marko ForstenCC Flickr

Many people can tell stories about the great Andre  “The Rhythm” Williams. How he can play the Blues, Rock ‘n Roll, Funk, Punk and Soul. They will all recall that his songs should be played in every bar around the world because it turns every place into a limbo lounge. Andre Williams is a diamant in the blues scene and still rocking the house.

The Singer, Producer and Arranger made his mark a while ago and gained fame in Detroit, Memphis and Chicago. His best song Bassology is one of my favorite!

He is one of the old dogs that still hits the stage and even at age 82 he is able to make some swinging blues and rock ‘n roll albums. Williams born in Alabama grew up in Chicago where he was a bad m*therf*cker. He tells Joss Hutton during a 2001 interview:  “It was like a situation of survival. With my father not being around often I had to go to work to buy little things that I wanted. I went to work washing dishes at one of the famous black cafes in Chicago called Cadillac Bob’s Steakhouse”. (Interview by Joss Hutton (September 2001)

Andre Williams Trademark Songs

You will get a good impression of his style in songs like ‘Jivin’ Around’, ‘Black Bull’, ‘Rib Tips’ and ‘Sweet Little Pussy Cat’. Song that you will find in this article.

He Tells Hutton about the Chicago days: “We was right down the street from a club called the 708 Club. Cadillac Bob’s and the 708 was just half a block away. You’d go and eat and then you’d go to the 708 club, or you’d go to the 708 and go to Cadillac Bob’s. Sonny Boy Williamson, Dr Jo Jo Adams, Andrew Tears, Wynonie Harris, you name it, all of them was playing the 708 club.” (Interview by Joss Hutton (September 2001)

Andre Williams Inspiration

A lot of Chicago Blues Musician played and recorded together, Williams did not. But in he did found his inspiration: “At Cadillac Bob’s we had only records on the juke-box. So by me being the dish-washing and bus boy, I heard them all. But them guys did not impress me as much as Cab Calloway did in Stormy Weather<, the movie with Lena Horne. Cab Calloway! Man! When I saw him, I said to myself [slowly emphasising each word] “I’m-a-gonna dress like that man till the day I die!” (Interview by Joss Hutton (September 2001)

Multi instrumentalist

Like many other Blues musicians Williams was a streetwise man. Growing up in a though environment he learned the life of the streets. “‘The Rhythm” made fame went rock bottom and rised again. After all we will remember Williams as the man who can play every style in the black music genre music.


Andre Williams – Sweet Little Pussycat

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