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Great modern Country Blues: Mr Hokum’s Gondola Blues

Great modern Country Blues: Mr Hokum’s Gondola Blues

I’m looking forward seeing Mr. Hokum perform his country and piedmont blues live on stage in my local bar café De Bel. I expect the tapping on the tables would begin after a few seconds while we would listen to songs like ‘Steam Engine Train’ and ‘Frankie’. Waking up this morning with Mr Hokum’s the ‘Gondola Blues’ and ‘Blake’s Rag’ I had an impression of the work of this New Orleans musician in a few minutes. It was enough to just kept listening all day.

Finger-style Country blues guitarist

Jason Lawrence from New Orleans is also known as Mr Hokum a finger-style country blues guitarist you might also know as a member of bands like The Hokum High Rollers or The Loose Marbles. Gondola Blues is the first solo album of Lawrence. I absolute recommend listening to this album. Find it here..

Mr. Hokum will remind you of Blind Blake, Blind Willie Mc Tell, Mississippi John Hurt and Jesse and Bind Boy Fuller. It is the Folk, the Ragtime, The Country blues that run through Mr Hokum and his music. The music is digging deeper, it digs good.

The Hokum High Rollers

Credit Feature photo: Original Bandcamp.com picture Mr. Hokum. Credits to Mr. Hokum and phothographer of the picture.

With the Hokum High Rollers you will discover a more Jazzy, Swinging and Western style of blues music. Here and there you will find the Cajun and Bluegrass inspiration of this band. The High Rollers explain their history easily: “Hokum’ has been honing there craft on the streets of the French Quarter to smoky bars, festival stage, private events, vaudeville showcases and everything in between since 2011”

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Sunrise Brownie McGhee Blues Blog

Music By Brownie McGhee Blues Blog

Something is better than nothing. Doin’ anything for a man, there’s investments involved, there’s time and production. It’s better to give him ten bucks and get a record out than to never record the cat.
–  Brownie McGhee    –

Smithsonian about Brownie McGhee

Brownie McGhee was a natural bluesplayer. a gifted musician and songwriter. His musical career started at age 22, Brownie played as a travaling musician alongside Blind Boy Fuller. After Fullers death McGhee met Sonny Terry with whom he would make multiply albums.

There are different opinions about the Blues, and the Question What is the Blues?  What the blues is evil like Howlin’ Wolf once said, a feeling like many others would say. It is art, poetry and the Smithsonian Intitute wrote a great article about it:

Poetry is a captured art, its freedom confined to the· meter, the rhythm, the cadence and the rhyme, and blues are often poetry and may be printed as .uch. But blues to be sung are always an as yet unwritten poetry.

“I worked for five or six years on a farm out
near Kingsport. My uncle John Evans raised
corn, tobacco, watermelon, hogs .•. There
were country parties like Quiltin’s and Corn
Shuckin’s. Someone might say, —
‘We’re gonna have a Chitlin’ Strut tonight •. !”
– Brownie McGhee

(part of Smithsonian folkways Brownie McGhee Blues)

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