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John The Conqueror a Mixture of modern Blues

John The Conqueror a Mixture of modern Blues

Not only the name of three piece band John The Conqueror refers to the roots of blues, also the groove and songs of this Philadelphia based band will remind you of the likes of Otis Reading and Muddy Waters. It is the John The Conqueror Bourbon-mix of roots music from Soul to Rock ‘n Roll, Punk to Blues that makes you willing to listen to this band all evening.

John The Conqueror is playing the Blues

Growin’ up in Jackson Mississippi founders Mike and Pierre grew up with the Blues. So when Mike bought a drum kit and Pierre a cheap microphone and plugged it into a practice amp in December 2010 it was like their good ol’ days growing up in Jackson, Mississippi, they were playing the blues!

Three months after meeting, they chose the name of the folkloric slave hero, John the Conqueror, and took to the stage playing their own blend of the southern rock from their childhoods, the punk of their adolescence and the blues and soul they had always held closely.

Born in Mississipi, rocking in Philadeplhia

Michael Gardner (drums) and Pierre Moore (guitar) grew up in Mississippi. Throughout their youth they played together in several bands which led them Philadelphia in 2011. In Philly they met Bassist Ryan Lynn, and with Lynn as a bass player John The Conqueror was ready to perform around the East coast of the US in the spring of 2011. They released their first album “John The Conqueror” in 2012, and in 2014 they returned to Retrocity Studios to record their second album “The Good Life” for Alive Naturalsound Records.

Influences of Blues, Rock, Punk and Rock ‘n Roll

It may be clear that John The Conqueror is an engine that drives on a fuel mixture of influences like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age, Black Keys and Leadbelly. Some songs start with a true blues riffs and slowly you will notices the influence of other genres like punk through a guitar riff, or soul through the vocals. This all makes the music of John The Conqueror very  grooving and interesting to listen to. And one thing is sure; it never gets boring.

Find out more about John The Conqueror on their Facebook and Website!

Credit Feature photo: Original album cover of the John the Conqueror album The Good Life. Credits to Alive Naturalsound Records, John The Conqueror and phothographer of the picture.

John the Conqueror – ‘Got My Mojo Working’

John The Conqueror Spotify

John The Conqueror – Lucille

John the Conqueror – You Don’t Know

John The Conqueror – Mississippi Drinkin’

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