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.44 Pistol a daily dose British Electric Blues

.44 Pistol a daily dose British Electric Blues

These British Bluesmen probably took their name from the Roosevelt Sykes and RL Burnside song ‘.44 Pistol blues’ which is a cool example for their music.

Blues Music for in the bar

I liked listening to the 44 pistol songs, and you will notice that they are at their best in the bar.  Like  they showed us in the video for “Born in the Borderlands”.

.44 Pistol are a young, high energy electric blues band. Slide guitar driven, stripped back & dirty, they bring together the laid back country blues of artists such as Mississippi Fred McDowell with the raw electric sound of contemporary bands like the White Stripes. Up-tempo, rough & ready this is music to drink, dance and stomp your feet along to.

The band recently announced a hiatus until further notice. Lets hope these guys will be back on stage one day! Listen en learn more about .44 Pistol here.

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