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Unique Blues Collaboration between Mighty Mo Rogers and Baba Sissoko called Griot Blues

I came across a nice story of two musicians who met in the remote land of Lithuania.  A small country with a big musical heart. Blues musician Mighty Mo Rodgers (USA) and the keeper of ancient African Griot traditions, Baba Sissoko (Mali) found common ground in their Griot Blues sound. The result is a unique album built on blues and ancient roots music. 

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Country blues and Ragtime : Jug band The Dumpy Jug Bumpers

The Dumpy Jug Bumpers from The River Signal on Vimeo.

Country blues and Ragtime : Jug band The Dumpy Jug Bumpers

On their website you will read that: “The Dumpy Jug Bumpers are a string band that brings back the reckless sounds of country blues, ragtime, and jug band music from the era of shellac 78’s”. These Minnesota musicians continu the legacy of artist in the tradition of ragtime and jug bands. But above all The Dumpy Jug Bumpers  show you the fun these guys get from playing ragtime and blues from the pre-war era. 

Street corner Blues from the 20s and 30s

I bet that the The Dumpy Jug Bumpers would do the same thing a hundred years ago like they do now.  The view of a waterfront with a fishingboat. the Jug Bumpers sit in it and bring the fine melodic tunes of the “Milwaukee Blues” which is a very cheerful song.  There is no better way to play some blues I think. That is what the Jug Bumpers do best!

The Jug Bumpers started playing in the Twin Cities and surrounding area in 2012, they tell us on their website. In the next few years they have seen a whole lot of barns, pubs, juke joints and festivals.

Recently the Dumpy Jug Bumpers released their full length debut album  Dumpin’ at the Savoy Which contains song from the 1920s and 1930s blues scene.

Sounds Like: The Mississippi Sheiks | The Dallas String Band | The Memphis Jug Band | Tampa Red

Photo Credit: Screenshot from the Dumpy Jug Bumpers video for the Riverboat sessions. Credit to the Dumpy Jug Bumpers and the original videographer of the video. 

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Garage Blues Rock on “Cold Sunday Blues”- 100 Watt Vipers

Florida’s Blues Rockers – 100 Watt Vipers

Thank the 100 Watt Vipers from Jacksonville, Florida for the Gravel in ya Guts, cause there latest album ‘Cold Sunday Blues’ brings it. These guys make groove Blues inspired heavy Rock with a healthy dose of guitar solo’s, half beat drums and speeching vocals, 

Hard Garage / Blues sound

The 100 Watt Vipers were formed in Jacksonville Florida in early 2013, by long time friends Guitarist Paul Joseph,and Drummer/Vocalist DJ Riddick. According to their website bio: The two started Wood shedding in an old tin barn in Jacksonville for months working on songs and to get their sound together . It was either 120 degrees, or freezing cold for months but that’s were it came together and they found thier hard garage/ blues style. The sound developed naturally.

Album release “Cold Sunday Blues’

In early 2016  the 100 Watt Vipers released their full lenght album ‘Cold Sunday Blues’. “He Walks Off So Heavy” kicks off with some raw up lifting guitar. I like the following vocal which complete the headbanging mode you shure gonna reach. “Dirt Road Blues” starts with a similar groove rock beat and tough guitar riff. “Oh Lord I’m Down” contains my favorite guitar riff of this album. “Cold Sunday Blues” Delivers the dose of garage blues You’ve might been waiting for a long time, Guitar rock, grooving drums, raw-edged vocals, the 100 Watt Vipers.

SOUNDS Like: Jared James Nichols | Black Pistol Fire |Reign Wolf | AC/DC

Photo credit: Photo from 100 Watt Vipers Website. credit to the 100 Watt Vipers and the original photographer

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Black Pistol Fire modern energetic Blues and Rock ‘n Roll

Black Pistol Fire modern energetic Blues and Rock ‘n Roll

The Rock ‘n Rollers from Black Pistol Fire are known for their modern rhythmic blues and rock ‘n roll. They are original from Canada but nowadays they howl from Austin Texas. They make songs about the lonely desert bars of the Rocky Mountains. ‘Bout a bank robber travelling through the forgotten cities of this lonely planet, ending up with a hooker and a shotgun in his hand. And above all, about knowing that the man will come around some day for everybody. Like in their 2011 song Soffucation Blues. Continue reading Black Pistol Fire modern energetic Blues and Rock ‘n Roll

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