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Rhythm and Blues Twister Gary U.S. Bonds

Gary US Bonds

Rhythm and Blues Twister Gary U.S. Bonds

From Steppenwolf to Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, from Joe Turner to John Lee Hooker, ABC Records released albums for a whole lot of musicians. In 1973 a collection of Rock ‘N’ Soul tunes from the pre-Beatles era .was brought into the recordstores. The record with songs from  Bobby Bland to Gene Chandler is a fantastic illustration of the Rock and Soul from the Sixties. Nevertheless one Artist called Gary U.S. Bonds is really my favorite.

19 year old Rhythm and Blues singer from Florida

Gary U.S. Bonds  is an American rhythm and blues and rock and roll singer, known for his classic hits when he was just 19 years old “New Orleans” and “Quarter to Three”. His career spans several decades and he is also a prolific songwriter. You will like the influences Bonds mixes from bliues, soul to reggea and see how he comes to the swingin’ Rock ‘n Roll.

Singer Songwriter in more than 5 decades

This singer, songwriter Rhythm and Bluesman is active in music industry for more than fifty years.  His success as a songwriter  garnered him a nomination for the Country Music Association’s “Songwriter of the Year”. Gary is an honoree of the Rhythm & Blues Foundation, a “favorite son” of the Blues Brothers and a highly respected golfer, often invited to play at celebrity/PGA events.

I have three absolute favorite tracks of Gary U.S. Bonds and THE last few weeks I hear the songs every day. Let me introduce…

Dear Lady Twist – Gary U. S. Bonds 1961

Dear Lady Twist is a groovy song which clearly has a lot of influences from early sixties Reggae Rock artist like Jimmy Cliff, Greyhound and Desmond Dekker. On the other hand Bonds swings, twists and grooves on party rock ‘n roll tunes you’d remember from the fifties with Sax and drums.

Gary U.S. Bonds : Quarter To Three ( 1961 )

This songs is a combination of soul and rock ‘n roll with a blues bent. The vocals are tight and continous on top of the hill. This song has no lows.

Gary US Bonds – School Is Out

In 1960 Gary U.S. Bonds released the album ‘Dance ’til Quarter to Three’. “School is out is the eleventh song of this album, a swinging song in the style of the saxophone Rock ‘n Roll tunes. School is out is the ideal highschool song from the fifties and sixties.

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