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LA Musician Rob LaFond releases She’s Dangerous” from High and Low EP

LA Blues and Folk Musician Rob Lafond released his second EP High and Low this August.  Especially the single “She’s Dangerous” is very catchy.

Blues influenced single “She’s Dangerous”

The lyrics are in style with many blues songs you know: about your “dangerous baby” and the troubled life this can bring you.  The guitar riffs are addictive,  and also the honky tonk piano additions and thrilling backing vocals at the end complement this song positively.

 “I carefully choose all my session players and the instruments we use. To me vibe and feel of a song are much more important than the technicalities of the riffs. I like to keep it a little edgy and rugged rather trying to make everything perfect. “

“I think music and songwriting has to be its own living breathing organism. I don’t like it when it’s too cookie cutter, you gotta dirty it up a bit. I think we live in a society where we try to make things too perfect, it’s not real life.”

Hollywood Noir Video clip

Well, about the “She’s Dangerous “video. This is a true Hollywood Noir film meets Martin Scorsese or Tarantino movie scene. It is nicely done and brings some Rock ‘n Roll attitude to the song.  The video work is nicely done!

Influences from Neil Young to Tom Petty

Rob Lafond’s music is overall folk influenced. Artist like Neil Young, Tom Petty, and Bob Dylan are clearly an influence and hearable through the music. Here and there you’ll also hear some Exile on Street Rolling Stones through the music.  Of course, Rob Lafond created his own liquor mix of music out of the influences.

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Looking back at Slash’s Snakepit’s “Been There Lately”

When Slash left Guns N’ Roses after finishing the Illusion tours, he did not stay around the house and relax, instead he built a home studio nicknamed Snakepit.  Over the years GNR made a reputation as one of the worlds wildest bands. They brought true Hard Rock ‘n’ Roll back and their gritty Blues Rocking riffs blew me away.

Forming Slah’s Snakepit after Guns N’ Roses

After the break up of Guns N’ Roses, Slash quickly put some fine musicians together including Mike Inez, Matt Sorum and Gilby Clarke . Finding a lead singer was more difficult: 40 singers auditioned and Slash found Eric Dover to be the main man. All these guys “experienced none of the heavy scrutiny they are used to when working with their home bands“. Their first album It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere was released in February 1995. On this record you’ll hear Slash’s virtuosity, and feels like one hour Blues Rock jam.

According to Snakepit.org the name came from a Bartender:SLASH was at an airport leaving for another GNR tour, and he wanted a drink but the signs said that no liquor was served there before 5 pm. SLASH asked for a drink anyway, and the bartender said….the album title”.

Ain’t Life Grand – Slash’s Snakepit



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Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley Together on “Two Great Guitars”

Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley Together on “Two Great Guitars”

These two musicians need no introduction. They made both fame at Checker / Chess records and scored multiple hits in the 50s and 60s. Two Great Guitars: Bo  Diddley / Chuck Berry is a very nice studio album by labelmates Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry, which was released in August 1964.

Blues & Rock n Roll Session

Chesss Records  made it a sort of tradition to let the stars of the label work together. Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley and Howlin’ Wolf Would release a few years  later in 1968 their  album “Super Super Blues Band” which contain some grooving blues songs like “Wrecking My Love”.  A year before Bo had recorded an album alongside Muddy and Little Walter called “Super Blues”

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Ohio and West Coast one man band blues of Blind Joe Hill

Ohio and West Coast one man band blues of Blind Joe Hill

Blind Joe Hill was a bluesman in the tradition of musicians like Joe Hill Louis and Jesse Fuller, the tradition of excellent one man band performers. Blind Joe Hailed from Akron Ohio for the bigger part of his life until he moved to the West Coast. During his Ohio days Joe Hill recorded for the Barrelhouse Record Label a rare album called Boogie In The Dark at the Glass Finger Studios.

Blind Joe Hill Fannie Mae

I listenend to his song Fannie Mae one of Blind Joe Hill’s better known recordings today. Like other one man band performers you really feel the song building up. Starting with the catchy guitar and harmonica, which slowly gets accompanied by the drums where the hi-hat starts ticking, the bass drum sets the beat and the guitar guides the song into a full grown composition. Then.. Blind Joe Hill starts singing.

Buster Brown 1# hit recording

‘Fannie Mae’ was already a hit before Blind Joe Started playing the song. In 1959 Rhythm ‘n blues singer Buster Brown wrote and recorded this song, which became famous through the tricky harmonica riff. Buster scored a #1 hit with ‘Fannie Mae’ in 1960. Nevertheless Blind Joe Hill did a good job transforming this song into a folk blues masterpiece.

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Black Pistol Fire modern energetic Blues and Rock ‘n Roll

Black Pistol Fire modern energetic Blues and Rock ‘n Roll

The Rock ‘n Rollers from Black Pistol Fire are known for their modern rhythmic blues and rock ‘n roll. They are original from Canada but nowadays they howl from Austin Texas. They make songs about the lonely desert bars of the Rocky Mountains. ‘Bout a bank robber travelling through the forgotten cities of this lonely planet, ending up with a hooker and a shotgun in his hand. And above all, about knowing that the man will come around some day for everybody. Like in their 2011 song Soffucation Blues. Continue reading Black Pistol Fire modern energetic Blues and Rock ‘n Roll

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