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Garage Blues Rock on “Cold Sunday Blues”- 100 Watt Vipers

Florida’s Blues Rockers – 100 Watt Vipers

Thank the 100 Watt Vipers from Jacksonville, Florida for the Gravel in ya Guts, cause there latest album ‘Cold Sunday Blues’ brings it. These guys make groove Blues inspired heavy Rock with a healthy dose of guitar solo’s, half beat drums and speeching vocals, 

Hard Garage / Blues sound

The 100 Watt Vipers were formed in Jacksonville Florida in early 2013, by long time friends Guitarist Paul Joseph,and Drummer/Vocalist DJ Riddick. According to their website bio: The two started Wood shedding in an old tin barn in Jacksonville for months working on songs and to get their sound together . It was either 120 degrees, or freezing cold for months but that’s were it came together and they found thier hard garage/ blues style. The sound developed naturally.

Album release “Cold Sunday Blues’

In early 2016  the 100 Watt Vipers released their full lenght album ‘Cold Sunday Blues’. “He Walks Off So Heavy” kicks off with some raw up lifting guitar. I like the following vocal which complete the headbanging mode you shure gonna reach. “Dirt Road Blues” starts with a similar groove rock beat and tough guitar riff. “Oh Lord I’m Down” contains my favorite guitar riff of this album. “Cold Sunday Blues” Delivers the dose of garage blues You’ve might been waiting for a long time, Guitar rock, grooving drums, raw-edged vocals, the 100 Watt Vipers.

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Photo credit: Photo from 100 Watt Vipers Website. credit to the 100 Watt Vipers and the original photographer

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Hard Blues Rocker and killer guitarist Jared James Nichols

Jared James Nichols Press photo black bull blues
Jared James Nichols Press photo black bull blues

Hard Blues Rocker and killer guitarist Jared James Nichols

The best way to learn play blues or maybe every kind of music is by jamming. Our favourite jam spot is the bar where everyone fills in his part to the musical wonder that is live in front of you. Jared James Nichols ‘ story starts in a same way at a blues jam that his mother brought him to. “Two weeks after I got an electric guitar, I was on stage with all of these old cats from Chicago playing the blues,” he recalls.

Blues is a feeling

The Blues is a feeling, every bluesman around will tell you. It is from the soul, it is voodoo, there are enough songs around that will indicate that. Music that is so deep isn’t available on a sheet. Jared James Nichols understands that. His music is a 2014 version of the shouting blues music that was played in the juke joints of Mississippi and Chicago all the way west to California during the thirties, forties and fifties. The better, the faster, the harder blues music.

Playing for Keeps

Jared James Nichols: Blues from Wisconsin

After playing in every casino in the Wisconsin area and touring around Europe Jared James Nichols is now a blues inspired musician that reminds you of Slash and Aerosmith but also of the delta slide musicians like Lightnin’ Slim and Lightning Hopkins.

He tells Total Guitar: “In Wisconsin, I was surrounded by Indian reservations and culture,”. “I’d do casino and reservation tours as a kid. When I wrote the song (Blackfoot), I was reading about all of these badass tribes. I love that spirit and vibe inherent in Native American culture. The Blackfoot were truly bad motherfuckers. That lick is what I feel their culture represented.”

Blues from delta to hard rock

In Jared James Nichols songs you will hear diversity from hard blues rock to delta blues. For example: “Come To Me Kitchen” a Robert Johnson and a true delta blues song. “Let You Go” kicks off with a killer riff, groovy as hell. Cool about this music is blues spirit that is very clear.

I love that spirit and vibe inherent in Native American culture. The Blackfoot were truly bad motherfuckers.

On his first studio album Old Glory & The Wild Revival Jared James Nichols cooperated with producer Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray). Nichols shared the stage with legends including Buddy Guy, “Honeyboy” Edwards, and “Big Jim” Johnson. He performed on SXSW and the iconic Sturgis Buffalo Chip Festival where he played alongside ZZ Top. We are guessing that we will hear a lot of this bluesman.

European Tour Promo 2014

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