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Justin Johnson’s Cigar Box Guitar Blues


Justin Johnson’s Cigar Box Guitar Blues

He is an ambassador for the cigar box guitar, the diddley bow and for many other roots instruments. He started his own roots music school on the internet, but above all, Justin Johnson is musician in the style of Jimi Hendrix, Django Reinhardt, Muddy Waters, Lightnin’ Hopkins and Robert Johnson. Johnson is always on the road, it is a result of his deep commitment for Roots traditions.

Roots instrument tradition

On Youtube you will find several videos of Johnson playing a cigar box guitar, a washtub guitar or a Diddley bow. It is nice to see what a sound you can get out of custom made instruments. Listen to ‘Rooster Blues’ performed on a cigar box guitar. Also ‘Delta Groovin’  shows what a cool sound you can get out of these instruments.

Double album Smoke & Mirrors

Justin Johnson recorded the double album, “Smoke & Mirrors”, which was released in March 2014. On this album you can find traditional songs like  ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘St. James Infirmary’.  The album can be seen as a comprehensive musical statement about the art, history, and traditions behind Cigar Box Guitars and handmade roots instruments.

Find out more about the roots instruments here and the Roots music school.

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