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Howlin´ Wolf The London Sessions

Howlin´ Wolf The London Sessions

He was one of a kind. Nobody I heard before him or after him has had that fantastic delivery—that certain something in his voice that seemed like a sword that’d pierce your soul when he’d sing. Wolf was already a great singer and musician when I first met him. To my mind, he’s one of the greatest ever. We’ll never see another like him.

– BB King –
About the first time he and Howlin’ Wolf met. From Moanin’ at Midnight: The Life and Times of Howlin’ Wolf.

Howlin´ Wolf Album

Howlin’ Wolf released the London Sessions album in 1971 after a collaboration with some of the best British Blues musicians. Wolf recorded over the years many albums at Sun and Chess records, this album was a new thing for Wolf, and the result can best be described as an album that grooves as hell.

Wolf and the British Blues players

Howlin' Wolf at London Sessions
Howlin’ Wolf at The London Sessions

Howlin’ Wolf has no best album or greatest recording because this big man made only hits. He has an unique voice, and for this album he, or actually Chess Records staff producer Norman Dayron, collected some British dreamteam musicians. Mister Slowhands Eric Clapton and the Rhythm section of the Rolling Stones pianist Ian Stewart, bassplayer Bill Wyman and drummer Charlie Watts. Completed with Hubert Sumlin, Steve Winwood and Jeffrey M. Carp.

Blues Milestone

What Howlin’ Wolf and Clapton eventually accomplished with The London Sessions was a set of twelve very groovy modern blues songs. Kicking off with Rocking Daddy  “I’m a Hip-Shakin’ daddy, I can shake like a Willow tree”. And Finishing with, Willie Dixon classic Wang-Dang-Doodle. Especially this song is perfect for the deep and soulful voice of Chester Burnett.  Howlin’ Wolf himself  wasn’t actually that happy with the recordings in London for different reasons. What we do know is that he became more popular after the release.

Howlin’ Wolf The London Sessions Album cover:

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