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Vancouver based Mud Dog digs deep into roots blues

“Devils Ride” Blues of Steve Sainas

The song above this article is maybe the best introduction to the Vancouver based blues band Mud Dog. ‘Devil’s Ride’ is a true roadhouse blues song. Mud Dog is remarkable for the great slide guitar of Steve “Mud Dog” Sainas and the sharp harmonica Christopher “Reed Killer” Allen.

Blues inspired by Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf

In 1997, Steve began to lay the groundwork for forming his powerful blues band Mud Dog. His vision was to pay tribute to blues masters such as Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and John Lee Hooker with a fiery contemporary blues sound.

Mud Dog absolutely succeeded in that mission. Mud Dog isn’t a blues band that tries to make the blues, they take it a step further. Mud Dog’s blues is refreshing fast on the road. Steve Sainas shows he can sing deep blues songs, with a happy twist in his voice.

Succes of Mud Dog blues musicMud-Dog-New-Daisy-Theatre-1-1-Arnie-Goodman-hi-res_0215064824496_16x9_620x350

The magic of this band lays in the combination of speed, harmonica solos, blues guitar and the voice of Steve Sainas. Harmonica player Christopher “Reed Killer” Allen is an award winning harmonica/vocal virtuoso who has performed and recorded all over the continent with a host of musical greats including Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, Esther Phillips, Ronnie Hawkins, Tina Turner, Jeff Healey, Bob Rock, and David Foster. Each night Christopher stuns the audience with his soaring melodies and amazing harmonica acrobatics.

Vancouver based Mud Dog digs deep into roots blues

Together, Steve And Christopher dig deep into roots blues creating a fresh contemporary acoustic sound that is thick with energy and flowing chemistry. The combination of harmony vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar and steel dobro brings out the very essence of the original blues sounds of the Mississippi Delta.

Listen right below Mud Dogs albums “Sun”, “River of my Soul” and “Devil’s Ride” on Spotify

Mud Dog – Bad To The Bone @ The Yale Hotel

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