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New album “No Time Like Now”  Strongman

New album “No Time Like Now”  Strongman

Canadian bluesman Steve Strongman is set to release his fifth full-length new studio album “No Time Like Now” on March 10, 2017. Strongman is a 21st-century bluesman remarkable for his tight acoustic blues riffs.  

Shout-out to a lifelong love of Blues

The album is a shout-out to a lifelong love of blues in all its shapes and shadings, from rough-hewn electric blues, blue-collar hollers and swampy stompers to soulful groovers and hushed, heartfelt ballads. Steve won multiple Canadian Blues awards and presents himself as a true gatekeeper of the blues.


New Electric sound on “No Time Like Now”

“No Time Like Now” is electric and filled with some kick ass solos and steady riffs, nevertheless Strongman’s trademark sound is hearable throughout the album.


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