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Very Cool One Man Band from Sweden Bror Gunnar Jansson – Ain’t No Grave (Gonna Hold My Body Down)

This weekend I was blown away by One Man band Bror Gunnar Jansson from Sweden with his version of “Ain’t No Grave (Gonna Hold My Body Down)”. Bror stands out for his rhythmic techniques as a one-man band drummer. His voice is dark, raw edged, and like the delta deep as the soul of the lonesome fields.

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Swinging the Blues with one man band “Hot Nasho and the Himself Orchestra

He Hails from southern Spain and calls himself Hot Nasho and Himself Orchestra. This one man band blues brother recovers songs of old bluesmen and other tunes from the 20´s to 60´s  in the blues, ragtime, swing and Rock n Roll genre.  This music swings, grooves and is a pleasure to listen to! 

One man band the “Himself Orchestra”

You might have heard Hot Nasho with his main project as “one man band” (Hot Nasho and himself orchestra). As a one man band, he has recorded two self-produced album. The debut album, “All packed to go”, appeared in 2012, and three years later published the second one, “Right from wrong”.

Daredevil love — Hot Nasho and himself orchestra

New Album Hot Nasho “Lain Down Thinking”

Now, you can find his third album “Lain down thinking” which includes only his original compositions. This album contains a mix of instrumental songs like “Winding Road” and lyrically groove songs like “Daredevil Love”.

Hot Nasho and Himself Orchestra – Pretty Sinner Baby

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New Album The Bad Testament from one man band Scott H. Biram

He shares his birthday with blues legend Muddy Waters and is known for his outstanding one man band performances Scott H. Biram brings us Country and Blues inspired songs with a taste of the heavier genres. 

On his website you’ll read that Scott H. Biram makes music: “With the heart of a genuine Texas bluesman, the head (banging) of a Zappa and Lemmy disciple, and boots resting in the dust outside of town at sunrise”. This february 2017 he released his latest and sixth album for Bloodshot records called The Bad Testament. It contains thirteen new tracks and I can really recommand it!

A walk on the Biram side straddles the chasm between sin and redemption and The Bad Testament lands somewhere west of the Old Testament and south of an AA handbook. It’s a record of hard-grinding lost love, blues and deep, dark Americana.

scot h biram press photo by -sandy-carson
Scott H Biram photo by -sandy-carson

Interesting about the writing proces of his new album is that Scott H. Biram conjured the words and music for The Bad Testament during mad alchemical sessions at his homemade studio in Austin, TX. Through stacks of amps, spools of cable, and a prodigious collection of microphones, he spread his technical wings wide, while never losing the immediacy honed from a life on the road. He added a drum kit and rustic vocal duet to his skill set .

Clear vocals and creative arrangements

Scott H. Biram’s music is like a blended wiskey that doesn’t fit in one barrel. The mix of blues harmonica and guitar riffs are beautifully complemented with clear country and folk lyrics. This one man band musician has one of the clearest voices today if you ask me. And it doesn’t matter if you listen live or on a record.  “Long Old Time” is a good example of that.


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Dirty Deeps Gritty Blues: From One Man Band to Blues trio

Dirty Deeps Gritty Blues: From One Man Band to Blues trio

Hailin’ from France Dirty Deep a.k.a Victor Sbrovazzo started as a one man band musician in 2010. On his second album “Shotgun Wedding” Dirty Deep became a duo. Now with the release of their third ablum these bluesrockers became a trio. Dirty Deep makes gritty blues mixed with folk and rock influences. In the last few years they have spread the religion of the blues all over France succesfully.

Influence from John Lee Hooker to Left Lane Cruiser

Dirty Deeps influences come from blues masters like Sonny Boy Williamson II, John Lee Hooker, Son House and more recent Scott H. Biram, Left Lane Cruiser, Mark Porkshop Holder and many others.

Dirty Deep is one of the most talented new bluesmasters around and you will see that in the loud vocals, thrilling harmonica and traditional slide guitar. Check it on Youtube where you’ll find a whole lot of songs of these guys.

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Powerful Trash Blues provided by The Pignose Willy’s

Powerful Trash Blues provided by The Pignose Willy’s

The Trash Bluesman of the Pignose Willy’s turn your local bar or festival into a chaotic rage of blues. These guys are foot stomping, electric and their music is fast as lightning.

Comprised of Joost Varkenvisser behind the wheel and doing heavy time on the vocals, electric guitar, kick drum, shaking and kicking everything one man with four limbs possibly can. The lookout man, Pieter Kamp on the roaring whore of the electric distortion blues harmonica. Live on stage these guys are a whole lot of an experience!

Delta Blues Inspiration Pignose Willy’s

Inspired by the early Mississippi Delta Bluesman like Son House, Sonny Boy Williamson, Leadbelly, Charley Patton and Blind Lemon Jefferson The Pignose Willy’s buzz the dirtiest blues in town. In February 2013 they released their first full length album called Who Do You Love.

Who Do You Love debut album

Who Do You Love It is the perfect fuel for an old hotrod heading for the Delta. ‘Hoodoo Jungle Blues’ brings some of the heaviest harmonica, electric guitars and raw-edged vocals. But above all this song grooves, stomps and makes you go craaazy. In ‘Green Bottle’ You will experience the same groove but gives you time to take a small breathe.

‘Fuzzbone Slim’ brings your hotrod closer to the swamps and is as close as the Pignose Willy’s can come to a slow blues song. The screaming harmonica tune digs deep into your bones and is a good reason to listen ‘Fuzzbone Slim’ over and over again.

I had a crazy experience listening to this duo from Holland. The Pignose Willy’s machine guarantees some of the heaviest blues on the planet and Will make you stomp a cowboy boot apart. enjoy your Journey!

“Up your ass craaaazy’ boogie blues burners, with Storming Rhythms and Hoodoo shouting jungle noise vocals! That’s the low down beautifully paced and finely constructed swooning trash sound of The Pignose Willy’s.”


Who Do You Love (2013) The Pignose Willy’s


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CW Ayon one man Band Blues from New Mexico

CW Ayon one man Band Blues from New Mexico

CW Ayon is a blues musician you should see in the pub, with his one man band act Ayon brings true Delta Blues to your local juke joint. Like Ben Prestage and Mississippi Gabe Carter, Ayon is an ex excellent slide guitar player supported by steady drums. That combination make his songs easy to listen to, groovy and the ideal travel music. Over the last few years Ayon released every year an album some of the song are available to listen to. Invite CW Ayon to your local bar and enjoy the song of this New Mexico bluesman.

CW Ayon, New Mexico Blues Man

CW Ayon calls the Southwestern deserts of New Mexico his home, but his soul is deeply rooted in the blues an grooves of the Mississippi Hill country. His act contains a simple Kick, Snare and Tambourine setup which ensures his performance of solid beats. This basis is added with Delta Style acoustic or resonator guitar sound and sometimes with a bit of harmonica.

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The bay area Blues of one man band Jesse Fuller

The Blues of one man band inventor Jesse Fuller

Jesse Fuller was much more than a magnificent one man band folk blues musician. He was a movie star inter alia in ´the Thief Of Bagdad (1924), he ran a concession stand in front of the Hollywood studios, he was a factory worker in Oakland and an inventor. His influence is huge, everyone in the Bay Area knew Jesse Fuller.

Fuller Born in Georgia, never knew his parents and was raised by a couple who treated him ‘worse than a dog’. At age nine he was able to leave the situation and worked as a cow gazer near Atlanta. He crossed around the country until he moved to Oakland in 1929. In Oakland he developed himself as a musician who could play the 12-string guitar, the harmonica, kazoo, percussion and a foot-operated string bass he had made out of a piano case called the “Fotdella”. In 1954 Arhoolie founder Chris Strachwitz recorded Jesse Fuller with an easy second hand tape machine at Fuller’s house. (The American Book of the Dead, p.126)

Bass instrument the `Fotdella’

For his one man band act Fuller needed a bass instrument. He already used the hi-hat and bass drum pedal and needed an accompaniment instrument. While lying in bed Fuller dreamed about constructing a foot-operated bass instrument. It ended up as a large upright box with a rounded top, Six bass strings were attached to the neck and stretched over the body.

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