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Radio Moscow’s Blueswodka from Iowa

Radio Moscow’s Blueswodka from Iowa

Blues has always been the basis of modern music. Since music developed the genre expanded, but the style is still recognizable in a whole lot of ways. In the sixties the Rolling Stones, highly influenced by the blues took the stage, in the seventies Led Zeppelin joined, and in the eighties Slash brought the blues feeling with him in Guns ‘n Roses. A band that knows roots in today’s music and produce the fruits is Radio Moscow. A group of guys that know how to play the 1-4-5  schemes of the blues..

Radio Moscow Psychedelic Mud

Their song Lucky Dutch of the album Radio Moscow released in 2007 reminded me of Muddy Waters version of I Just Want To Make Love To You on the Electric Mud Album, a little bit psychedelic, garage, punk song  turned into a modern blueswodka from Radio Moscow. It is a fantastic introduction to these guys from Iowa Continue reading Radio Moscow’s Blueswodka from Iowa

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