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Remix of blues songs: Bo Diddley by Felix Helpless

Remix of blues songs: Bo Diddley – Pretty Thing (Paspar2 Edit)

Blues music is and will always be an inspiration for musicians and dj’s. Now and then you find on the internet pretty cool remixes of blues and rock n roll songs. Like Bo Diddley’s “Pretty Thing which was mixed by Russian artist Felix Helpless. This blues remix stays close to the original but is edited was some pretty cool bass, beats and hand clapping.

Hailin’ from Yekaterinburg in middle Russia Felix Helpless makes all kinds of remixes from abstract ambient breakbeat downtempo electronic hip hop idm trip hop and classic songs like “Pretty Thing” of Bo Diddley.

On Felix Helpless Bandcamp and Soundcloud you will find more nice remixed of all sort of songs!

Bo Diddley “Pretty Thing” Remixed

Pretty Thing”  was recorded on july 14th, 1955  for checker records and is a product of Chess bass player and songwriter Willie Dixon. Bo Diddley however added his own musical and textual style to it.  The song was Diddley’s third single release through Checker Records after “Diddley Daddy”. British Rock band the Pretty Things took their band name from this song .
Photo credit: By Masao Nakagami (http://www.flickr.com/photos/goro_memo/315786763/) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons.

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Remix of the Blues: Muddy Waters


Muddy Waters - creative commons - photo by Kevin Dooley
Muddy Waters – creative commons – photo by Kevin Dooley

Remix of the Blues: Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters was with his Chicago Blues sound a major influence for the British Blues revival bands of the sixties, like the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds and John Mayall. Even now Muddy Waters’ songs are an inspiration for musicians worldwide. I recently crossed a remix of the old blues song “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” by Roy De Ville.

Blues Remix Muddy Waters

Roy De Ville made a relaxing dance version of Muddy Waters hit. De songs is recognizable by the well produced rhythm guitar. De Ville also added some cool solo guitar to the song. Listen to this Blues song Remix here.

Origins of the Song

Muddy Waters wasn’t the first one who recorded “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl”. Waters recorded the song in 1978 for his I’m Ready album. It was John Lee ‘Sonny Boy’ Williamson who played the song for Bluebird in 1937  first. Williamson recorded the song together with Big Joe Williams and Nighthawk on guitar.  He used the melody of Son Bonds song “Back and Side Blues” recorded in 1934.  After Williamson, Muddy Water, Buddy Guy  and Lightning Hopkins also played the song.

Muddy Waters Recording

In the seventies Waters recorded two fantastic album with Johnny Winter “Hard Again” and “I’m Ready”. On these Albums he recorderd some old songs again, like “Can’t Be Satisfied on “Hard Again” and the song of this article on “I’m Ready”. These albums are absolutely worth listening.

60 Years later it are these classic blues songs that are the inspiration for remixes. The blues is swinging rhythmic music, and that may be the main reason why al these songs are perfect to remix. Roy De Ville did an excellent job!

Junior Wells and Buddy Guy

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