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Smoking Blues from a country and Rock N Roll Outlaw: Blind Matty’s new EP GRINGO!

Hailin’ from Toronto Canada guitarist and singer Blind Matty is my new favorite Country Blues outlaw. Matty brings his songs with Rock n Roll attitude and power.  But above all, this long drink of American music really convincing.

EP GrinGo! by  Blind Matty

Packed with a guitar and an Eyepatch he mixes all kinds of blues and rock n Roll into a smoking whiskey of Garage. Blind Matty’s EP GRINGO! was released May 14 on Burger Records.

Blind Matty – Gettin’ Stoned with my Ol’ Lady

Gringo! features four songs “Gettin’ Stoned With My Ol’Lady”, “Sugar Mama”, “Put The Shake On You” and, “Rock N Roll Outlaw”. Follow and find more about Blind Matty Here!

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New Album “Same Sun Same Moon” by Rocking Duo Little Hurricane

This April Little Hurricane released their third full-length studio album called Same Sun Same Moon. the 2-person alternative rock band from San Diego, California, featuring frontman Anthony “Tone” Catalano and drummer Celeste “C.C.” Spina are back with 12 new tracks and ready to roll around Europe and the US!

Interesting about the backstory of the album is that while they were recording in their studio (built on Native American lands), the guitarist was “inexplicably drawn” to remove his shoes and climb an ominous 3,400-foot mountain in a “trance-like state,” without food and water or notifying his wife.

“We may not all share the same beliefs, but people are still more alike than different. No matter if you’re in San Diego or South Africa, living 10,000 years ago or today, we all look up to see the same sun and same moon. We are all connected in one way or another. This message of unity beats at the heart of Little Hurricane’s latest release, Same Sun Same Moon.”


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Album | Death Blues vs. The Dirty Spliff featuring 20 Watt Tombstone and Left Lane Cruiser

Well, last year two powerhouse alternative blues bands released a split album called Death Blues vs. The Dirty Spliff.  20 Watt Tombstone from Wisconsin and Left Lane Cruiser from Indiana joined forces to record a raw power album. Their heavy blues is very addictive and features 3 new Left Lane Cruiser tracks and 3 new 20 Watt Tracks!

Whiskey Fueled Blues-driven Rock ‘n’ Roll From Left Lane Cruiser

Starting with Left Lane Cruiser which is a synonym for energetic blues rock with a healthy doses of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Songs like Laid to the Bone and Slow Grind are full of addictive slide guitar tunes and contain  some of heavy  vocals. “Special Delivery” is remarkable for its rhythmic vocals and that guitar solo is kicking some ass.

Left Lane Cruiser is a whiskey fueled two man frenzy of blues-driven rock’n’roll noise straight from Fort Wayne, Indiana promise to hit you like a shock wave and show you a foot-stompin’ good time.

Heavy Blues Rock Duo

Left Lane Cruiser is comprised of Joe Evans (Freddy J IV) on slide guitar and vocals and Pete Dio on the drums. The raw blues power duo of LLC have practiced through thick and thin to hone a sound unlike any other and have been together long enough to have previously released a couple of self-produced EPs.

“Let your soul drive what you do” is the premise of their music, “give it all you got, and everything is an instrument

20 Watt Tombstone’s fantastic song titles

Besides the fantastic music arrangements of 20 Watt Tombstone you also have to like their song titles. Hits like “Your man’s a Jerk” and “Shitty Ex Girlfriend” make you curious of their music. Well and if you listen to 20 Watt Tombstone you get powerful , raw blues rock built on steady drums, slide guitar and Lemmy-esque vocals.

If  the White stripes, The black keys, and Left lane cruiser had an illegitimate love child with Lemmy & Hunter S. Thompson documented the whole thing

Raw and Heavy songs: kick ass Blues Rock

Since the bands formation in 2011, the Wisconsin Duo 20 Watt Tombstone  has been receiving an unreal amount of attention, they tell us on their Facebook page. Their brand of brash un-tethered alt. blues rock mixed with Metal,country and punk blends into a sometimes comedic monster that cannot be easily pinned down, and at times seems so over the top it cant be serious.


Your man’s a Jerk



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Heavy Blues and Swampy Hard Rock from Meantooth Grin

Heavy Blues and Swampy Hard Rock from Meantooth Grin

Meantooth Grin’s song ‘Homeless and Homesick’ brings a fine feeling of the blues and makea you want to discover more about this band and their music. Meantooth Grin is a blues rock trio from  the north country of Wisconsin. These guys bring a lot more than electric Blues, but the sound of Junior Kimbrough and R.L. Burnside sho’ is there. They also have some similarities to bands like ZZ Top and Clutch.

Mix of Hard Rock and Heavy Blues

In their repertoire you will finde some classic blues tracks, but the sho’do know how to bring some heavy rock to your home. According to their bio: “some people have argued that the band is too heavy to be considered Blues, this did not stop several blues lists and sites from giving the album a very high rating”. The best way to to judge that is to listen for yourself and you probable see that in between de hard riffs there are is a lot of grooving blues tunes.

Meantooth Grin debut album “Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead”

Their Brand of Swampy Hard Rock mixed with blues has been turning fans on for 5 years now and with their first album “Before the Devil Knows you’re Dead” they have gotten their music out on a national level and finally have begun to show the world what they’ve been missing. (Meantooth Grin Bio)

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St. Louis Garage Rock with a bluesy angle By Miss Molly Simms

Garage Rock with a bluesy angle Miss Molly Simms

She has an interest in old 78’s, ancient hollow body guitars, saint louie, strange people, the past, sad country tunes, raunchy blues and brings us fantastic garage, blues country inspired music. Miss Molly Simms from Saint Louis is known for her roughneck operatic voice which packs a lungful of dusty soul. Miss Molly Simms can sweep the floor with tender.

Studio Album Borrowed and Sold

In April 2016 she released  “Borrowed and Sold” which is an easy listenable album filled with solid guitar riffs, catchy choruses and above all noticeble for the attractive voice of Miss Molly Simms. his is her third pressing and second full lenght album.  “Estella”, the opening song is maybe the best example to show how Simms’ voice takes you away. Like in Wanda Jacksons “funnel of love”, this is the instrument you want to hear in the song.

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