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The Blues Rock of a unique duo Little Hurricane

The Blues Rock of a unique duo Little Hurricane

If you would make a human being or an animal out of Little Hurricane from San Diego you would feel the bones of the blues in the guitar riffs and solo’s. In the muscles you feel the garage and rock. The skin is soulful. The feet are dirty.

Little Hurricane based in San Diego California brings you catchy Blues Rock, Garage and Soul since 2010. On stage this boy and girl from California are not only a cool combination of musicians they also seems to know what it takes to entertain a crowd. The band consists of front man Anthony “Tone” Catalano and drummer Celeste “C.C.” Spina. Their influences include Van Morrison, Dead Weather and Paul Simon. In the drum you will hear a lot of half time beats variations, that make the songs of very rhythmic. The Guitar consists some bluesy groove, and high slide licks. The vocals are soulful.

Blues guitar riffs inspired by the Blues

Anthony “Tone” Catalano shows to be a blues guitarist, and not only by the slide guitar that lays in front of him on a table during the show, waiting for the next Elmore James kind of solo. Tone Catalano’s guitar riffs will also remind you of Freddie King, R. L. Burnside and Lightning Hopkins. He now and then slides a solo on that guitar that will remind you of ‘Elmore Contribution to the Jazz’.

little hurricane – Crocodile Tears

Little Hurricane’s Music since 2010

Little Hurricane isn’t a band that makes music in one genre. They found a common interest in unique and vintage equipment and a love of grimy, down and dirty blues. And that is what you hear: they combine Blues, Rock, Soul, Garage and Indie into a mix of new wave of modern blues rock. This method works for Little Hurricane. Since their start in early 2010, these folks have performed in major festivals, including Lollapalooza and South by Southwest. In May 2015 the Blues rockers toured through Europe for the first time.

Little Hurricane debuted with the album Homewercker in 2011. I really like two songs on this album ‘Crocodile Tears and ‘Haunted Heart’. It  are songs with bones of blues. The Lyrics are deep soulful, I could listen to it drinking beer after beer all night long. It gets you.

Two Years later Stay Classy (a collection of covers) was released. This album is very interesting. Experience how Little Hurricane sets a bunch of classic songs to their hand. Their latest album Gold Fever was released in 2014. “Sheep in Wolves Clothes” is a killer balled. Deep to the bone. I really like the Lyrics of this one.

When the Sun is burning red,
Push out my diamonds.
My whole life I did,
Leave them behind us.
All my questions’ll
Be answered in the dark.
I’ve got you here

Photo Credit: Official press photo of Little Hurricane. Credit to the record company, Little Hurricane and the photographer of the picture.

Natural Blues (Moby/Vera Hall cover) – – little hurricane

LITTLE HURRICANE – “Haunted Heart”

Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers cover) – Stay Classy – little hurricane

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