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Remixed blues songs: Skip James – ‘Devil Got My Woman’

 Remixed blues songs: Skip James – ‘Devil Got My Woman’

Skip James learned guitar from bluesman Henry Stuckey around 1924. They were both blues musicians in the Bentonia style that Stuckey learned from Bahamian soldiers during world war I in France. Almost a century later Skip James’s songs are still a inspiration for musicians who like to remix songs of old bluesmen. ‘Devil Got My Woman’ is a song that is turned into cool remix by DJ JX Jetson.  

JX Jetson’s remix is remarkable for the hard beat which makes this song really grooving, the vocals are smoothly mixed into the beats. The bass adds a fine feeling melody to the song. Near the end of the remix you will hear some rap vocals from probably Jay Z saying ” I know you gonna miss me…”. JX Jetson chose a song from Skip James last record before his death in 1969.

James was born in Bentonia Mississippi in 1902. He was the son of a Bootlegger who later  converted and turned into a preacher. His style is mostly known for the open D-minor tuning, James first recorded for Paramount Records in 1931 when he convinced talent scout and recordstore owner H.C. Sears. Sears immediately send James to the record label. Unfortunately these recordings sold poorly and he drifted into obscurity. For the next 30 years Skip did not record any record.

Rediscovery Skip James in the sixties

In the sixties of the twentieth century the Folk Blues revival led to the resiscovery of many delta bluesan. Three musicians searched Skip James up, but unlike other rediscovered Delta Bluesman the discovery of Skip was only by chance. They found him in a hospital in Tunica, Mississippi. Since his discovery in the sixties Skip James released four more albums. Read more about his re-discovery by John Fahey, Bill Barth, and Henry Vestine here.


Skip James – ‘Devil Got My Woman’

You know, I could be right
You know, I could be right
Then again, I could be wrong
But it was nothin’ but the ol’ devil
He done got my baby
Now he done gone

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Lyrics; “Devil’s Got My Woman” 

You know, I’d rather be the ol’ devil
Well, I’d rather be the devil
Then to be that woman’ man
You know, rather be the devil
Than to be that woman’ man

You know, I’m so sorry
You know, so sorry
That I ever fell in love wit’ you-ooo-hoo-oo
Because you know you don’t treat me
Baby, like you used ta do-hoo

You know, I laid down last night
You know, I laid down last night
And I thought to take me some rest
But my mind got to rambling
Like a wild geese from the west

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