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Master of the Bentonia Blues: Mississippi Gabe Carter

Master of the Bentonia Blues: Mississippi Gabe Carter

If you sit often on your porch, or on the stoop of your front door listening to some blues music you should definitely listen to Mississippi Gabe Carter who creates some of the best blues music nowadays. Slow Bentonia style of Blues.

Bentonia Blues of Mississippi

Blue Front Blues Cafe - photo Natalie Maynor - creative commons
Blue Front Blues Cafe – photo Natalie Maynor creative commons

Bentonia lies outside of the Mississippi Delta but is famous for the style of blues founded by Henry Stuckey and later developed by Skip James and Jake Owens. Stuckey learned the style according Steve Legett in Allmusic during World War I in France from black Bahamian soldiers . A style that is mostly remarkable by the E minor guitar tuning. It is a style of Delta / Country Blues.

Inspiration Mississippi Gabe Carter

Gabe Carter was deeply influenced by Jack Owens and the Bentonia Blues and adopted the style. What he does is creating a highly relaxed style of blues where especially the guitar is leading your thoughts off everything around you.

Recorded albums Gabe Carter

Bentonia isn´t a big town with only 500 citizen, but this town always be known by the blues that was first played there. Nowadays Mississippi Gabe Carter continues that tradition which resulted in two recorded albums. His latest album “Until They Drag Me Down”, is available on Amazon, you wil find it HERE.

Until They Drag Me Down

“I’m Going Home” is one of my favourite songs on “Until They Drag Me Down” a rhythmic tune, other songs like “Amtrak Blues” and “What You Gonna Do?” are almost spiritual songs relaxed and slow. “If You Call It Gone” is also a fantastic tune remarkable by the fantastic slow groove. You will find the songs below.

Mississippi Gabe from ideafarm films on Vimeo.

Mississippi Gabe Carter performed on a whole lot of festivals around the United States and Canada. In Europe you could have seen him in France and Italy. As every bluesman should, Gabe performed a lot in the open streets, some of his finest performances were recorded in public.

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