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Looking back at Slash’s Snakepit’s “Been There Lately”

When Slash left Guns N’ Roses after finishing the Illusion tours, he did not stay around the house and relax, instead he built a home studio nicknamed Snakepit.  Over the years GNR made a reputation as one of the worlds wildest bands. They brought true Hard Rock ‘n’ Roll back and their gritty Blues Rocking riffs blew me away.

Forming Slah’s Snakepit after Guns N’ Roses

After the break up of Guns N’ Roses, Slash quickly put some fine musicians together including Mike Inez, Matt Sorum and Gilby Clarke . Finding a lead singer was more difficult: 40 singers auditioned and Slash found Eric Dover to be the main man. All these guys “experienced none of the heavy scrutiny they are used to when working with their home bands“. Their first album It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere was released in February 1995. On this record you’ll hear Slash’s virtuosity, and feels like one hour Blues Rock jam.

According to Snakepit.org the name came from a Bartender:SLASH was at an airport leaving for another GNR tour, and he wanted a drink but the signs said that no liquor was served there before 5 pm. SLASH asked for a drink anyway, and the bartender said….the album title”.

Ain’t Life Grand – Slash’s Snakepit



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