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Ben Hemming explores the ‘Broken Man’ on Goth Americana Blues Album

Ben Hemming explores the ‘Broken Man’ on Goth Americana Blues Album

Whether you listen to music on the radio, live or on your record player, a whole lot of songs are based on traditional themes like love. But describing struggles of a human being, or writing poetry about the darker side of humanity is what London based singer-songwriter Ben Hemming does.

Hemming tries to explore what it is to be human and how in the modern age something seems fundamentally missing in day to day life. On his album “Broken Man” you’ll find 13 songs with that atmosphere packed into a dark Goth, Blues and Americana package.

“Broken Man”says a lot about the main concepts of his work and that was a good reason to ask him about his music, influences and signature guitar riffs.

You will like Ben Hemming’s music more every day because there is a lot  to discover in each single song from the guitar riffs to the lyrics to the intensity.

What music do you listen at home?

“As far as my musical influences, I love the work of early Bluesmen like Son House or Howling’ Wolf. I aspire to the simplicity of the Blues and how one man with nothing more than a guitar and a voice can express so much about what it is to be alive”.

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Jack White on inspiration Son House

Jack White on inspiration Son House

We all know Jack White as a member of The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and the Dead Weather, but this guitarist and songwriter is also a great blues enthusiast which resulted in covering some of the greatest bluesman like Son House, Robert Johnson and Blind Willie Mc Tell over the years.

Grinnin’ In Your Face

In the documentary It Might Get Loud (2008) by Davis Guggenheim about the electric guitar White tells about his favorite song: “Grinnin’ in your Face” by Son House. Grinnin’ in your Face is like John The Relevater a non instrumental song. White earlier covered Son House song Death Letter. Watch White explain the magic of this song here:

Find out more about Jack’s White’s blues influenced on RollingStone Magazine. In 15 of Jack White’s Biggest Influences they recall that “Jack White specializes in updating old sounds and vintage vibes into a post-modern blues-rock pastiche”.

Third Man Records

White founded his own record label Third Man Records in 2009, a label that houses several musicians including Wanda Jackson and Jerry Lee Lewis.

It Might Get Loud

Watch the full documentary It Might Get Loud featuring Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White here:

It Might Get Loud(1) from Andres Bierheart on Vimeo.

Jack White – Fly Farm Blues (It Might Get Loud)

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Samuel James: gatekeeper of the Delta Blues

Samuel James: gatekeeper of the Delta Blues


If Samuel James had lived eighty years ago he would be on posters around town alongside Son House, Robert Johnson and Big Joe Williams. He is a Blues guitarist inspired by the delta sound. Groovy, now and then slow, but always a bluesy voice accompanied by guitar. Samuel James isn’t a new cat in town, this blues-based singer/songwriter has dazzled audiences around the world for the better part of a decade. 

Samuel James is a fantastic guitarist in the Delta Blues style. Not only for using the slide in a lot of songs, but also the way James puts rhythm in a ´simple´ riffs is admirable. There are a lot of singer-songwriters around, I often miss the rhythm and the groove in their songs, I always hope they will start playing some blues songs. Samuel James is the singer-songwriter you want to see. He plays blues and there is always rhythm in Blues.

Recorded albums Samuel James

Albums of James that give you the best insight in his style are ‘Songs Famed for Sorrow and Joy’ (2008) ‘For Rosa, Maeve and Noreen’ (2009) And ‘for the Dark Road Ahead’ (2012) all released on Toronto’s Northern Blues label.

Stomping Delta Blues

His songs make you Stomp your feet and you will easily listen it for hours. Samuel James describes his music as: “A mixture of Charlie Patton, Preston Reed, Bill Withers and Townes Van Zandt”. Most of all: Samuel James is a gatekeeper of the Delta Blues.

Samuel James on Spotify

Samuel James “Wooooooo Rosa”

Samuel James “Bumly” playing Parchment Farm


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Remix of the Blues: Son House

blues songs remix - Turntable spinning - photo by tengilorg wiki commons -
blues songs remix – Turntable spinning – photo by tengilorg wiki commons

Remix of the Blues: Son House

Son House never thought when he picked up his guitar back in 1928 that his songs would be remixed 90 years later. A lot of producers and DJ’s remix songs and of course the Blues is not forgotten. This first article in the ‘Blues in the remix’ serie: Son House who was brilliantly remixed by Karlo FInkers.

Remix John The Relevator

Karlo FInkers made a fantastic summer feeling blues song remix of ‘John The Relevator’, the combination of the relaxing beat, piano and the deep soul of Son House is the key to this hit.

Origins of John The Relevator

John the Relevator refers to the Apostle John in his role as the author of the Book of Revelation the last book of the new testament. A portion of that book focuses on the opening of seven seals and the resulting apocalyptic events. In its various versions, the song quotes several passages from the Bible in the tradition of American spirituals. The song is a Gospel Blues traditional, first recorded by Blind Willie Johnson in 1930.

Son House Blues remix John the Relevator

Son House recorded the song in the 1960s a couple of times. His version is very soulful his deep voice is truly the blues feeling. The song is without instrumental backing.


Other Remixes of hte Blues song

Other DJ’s also made a remix of the great song, this is a more reggae influenced remix of the blues.

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Woodrow Adams Raw Delta – Memphis Blues

Woodrow Adams Raw Delta – Memphis Blues

As much as we all want to, we’d like to understand the blues, the myths and the unknown. About some artist we can tell a lot, others stay unknown. What all the musicians on this website have in common is talent and the blues. From Mississippi to Memphis to Chicago Woodrow Adams didn’t get the fame he deserved. He lived close to Howlin’ Wolf in the forties but his neighbour made national fame Woodrow didn’t. Nevertheless Woodrow Adams was a great bluesman.

Woodrow Adams blues Songs

His best songs are available to listen here. Listen to ‘Last Time’ and  ‘Train Time’ in particular. Adams is a Delta and Memphis style Bluesman, comparable to Joe Hill Louis, which whom he played with. His perfect harmonica style is comparable to Slim Harpo and Little Walter.

Woodrow Adams is raw blues, the origins lie in the deep Mississippi Delta. Bluesmen like Son House where of the same type. Later on this style of music was popularized, but when Woodrow played that kind of thing he didn´t had a lot of national success. Nevertheless  he was a well known figure in the local juke joints of Mississippi.

Woodrow Adams and Howlin´ Wolf

Tunica_County_MS_sign (Wiki commons phot Thomas R Machnitzki)
Tunica_County_MS_sign (Wiki commons photo Thomas R Machnitzki)

Woodrow Adams lived in Robinsville Mississippi during the forties, Howlin’ Wolf lived close by, the two jammed on the blues together, went probably to the juke joints and drank beer or moonshine . That is how I imagine it. Adams learned his harmonica and guitar style from Howlin’ Wolf.  Later on they went to Memphis. Wolf made several recordings with Sam Phillips. Adams did too. The recording session of Adams and Phillips was released on Checker record. Unfortunately it didn’t had a lot of commercial success.

In 1955 Woodrow had more success, he recorded for the Bihari Brothers, who had a successful record label: Modern Records since 1945, since Hadda Brooks recorded “Swingin’ the Boogie.  The Bihari brothers launched more labels and therefore the oldest brother Lester went to Memphis to lead Meteor Record. Adams recoded a single for the label and it sold a little here and there.

Woodrow Adams was named after the 28th president of the United States Woodrow Wilson.

Woodrow Adams The Last Time


Woodrow Adams: Something On My Mind

Woodrow Adams How Long (1967)

Woodrow Adams: Sad and Blue

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