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Swinging the Blues with one man band “Hot Nasho and the Himself Orchestra

He Hails from southern Spain and calls himself Hot Nasho and Himself Orchestra. This one man band blues brother recovers songs of old bluesmen and other tunes from the 20´s to 60´s  in the blues, ragtime, swing and Rock n Roll genre.  This music swings, grooves and is a pleasure to listen to! 

One man band the “Himself Orchestra”

You might have heard Hot Nasho with his main project as “one man band” (Hot Nasho and himself orchestra). As a one man band, he has recorded two self-produced album. The debut album, “All packed to go”, appeared in 2012, and three years later published the second one, “Right from wrong”.

Daredevil love — Hot Nasho and himself orchestra

New Album Hot Nasho “Lain Down Thinking”

Now, you can find his third album “Lain down thinking” which includes only his original compositions. This album contains a mix of instrumental songs like “Winding Road” and lyrically groove songs like “Daredevil Love”.

Hot Nasho and Himself Orchestra – Pretty Sinner Baby

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Rockin’ Rhythm and Blues by The Excitements

Rockin’ Rhythm and Blues by The Excitements

They throw us back to the fifties and sixties of Lavern Baker and Esther Phillips and make us dance to some extreme gooving tunes. The Excitements are a hardworking band, almost hyperactive in the best tradition of Rhythm and Blues. Nowadays you won’t easily find a band that’s capable of bringing so much soul and rhythm to your living room, bar, venue or festival.

Rhythm and Blues out of Barcelona

Since 2010 the Excitements are slowly building a huge fan base in Europe. They’ve performed their R’n’B and Soul cocktail old school style, and tell us in their band bio: “leaving audiences wondering how a band from Barcelona (Spain) is able to channel the show-stopping fierceness and class of such classics as Wilson Pickett, Etta James, Ike & Tina Turner, or any act to come out of Memphis, Detroit or New Orleans during the late fifties and sixties” .

Debut album “S/T”

In march 2011 these soul rockers released their first album after a long year of touring called “S/T”. From this Album “Take The Bitter Sweet” is really worth listening. This song is not a cover from the Muddy Waters Similar song.  Wait a Minute is my favorite song on this album and contains deep vocals, and above all a catchy melody. This song really reminds me of New Orleans version of Lavern Baker’s “Voodoo Voodoo”.

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