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NEW ALBUM by L.A. Witch: Reverb drenched Music for miscreants, burnouts, down-and-out dreamers

“This isn’t music for the masses; it’s music for miscreants, burnouts, down-and-out dreamers, and obsessive historians”. Hailin’ from Los Angeles L.A. Witch mixes a wall of sound with poetic soundscapes. Guitar rage meets Charles Bukowski. You’ll love their songs for the heavy and dreamy parts, and because of the different influences from blues to punk.

Debut Album “L.A. Witch”

Their debut album “L.A. Witch” will be released September 8th , 2017 on Suicide Squeeze records. These ladies are remarkable for mixing vintage garage rock like The Pleasure Seekers did in the sixties, and on the other hand to Junior Kimbrough and T Model Ford’s  Hill Country Blues.

L.A. Witch mixing Blues and Garage Rock, the best of both worlds

The best example of this talent is hearable in “untitled” which groove brings you to the lonesome Delta and on the other hand, the reverb drenched guitar also creates some burlesque nightclub vibe in your living room, car or any place you can listen to this music.

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LISTEN: Preview of “Desert Center” Guantanamo Baywatch’s new album

The Surf rockers from Guantanamo Baywatch are set to release a new album called Desert Center this August. The garage fueled surf rock of this Portland based band has made many people enthusiastic over the years. I’m sure Desert Center is a new shout out for the fine gritty surf sound we like so much.

Over the last few days, more and more sneak previews of this album are released on the internet. At first sight, my favorites anyway are “Area 69”  a song that kicks off faster than a speed train and “Blame Myself” which is a ballad Guantanamo Baywatch style.  Last but not least ” Video”  where the edgy basslines really dig deep. 

“Bassist Chevelle Wiseman drives the tune with a thick, throbbing riff while drummer Chris Scott ruthlessly pounds his kit with a crashing clarity”

Guantánamo Baywatch’ blazing nuggets

The band describes the sound of Desert Center pretty nice: “It’s an inadvertent juxtaposition maintained through the entirety of Desert Center, with blazing instrumental nuggets like “The Scavenger” alternating with the proto-grunge and golden oldies mash-up of a track like “Blame Myself.“

 Desert Center on Suicide Squeeze Records

Guantánamo Baywatch’ released their previous album Darling… It’s Too Late, in 2015. Now we are ready for Desert Center which will be released on the Seattle based Suicide Squeeze Records. This album retains the “raw aesthetics of a Hasil Adkins single, but has the added heft and thump afforded by a modern studio”.
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