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LISTEN: Preview of “Desert Center” Guantanamo Baywatch’s new album

The Surf rockers from Guantanamo Baywatch are set to release a new album called Desert Center this August. The garage fueled surf rock of this Portland based band has made many people enthusiastic over the years. I’m sure Desert Center is a new shout out for the fine gritty surf sound we like so much.

Over the last few days, more and more sneak previews of this album are released on the internet. At first sight, my favorites anyway are “Area 69”  a song that kicks off faster than a speed train and “Blame Myself” which is a ballad Guantanamo Baywatch style.  Last but not least ” Video”  where the edgy basslines really dig deep. 

“Bassist Chevelle Wiseman drives the tune with a thick, throbbing riff while drummer Chris Scott ruthlessly pounds his kit with a crashing clarity”

Guantánamo Baywatch’ blazing nuggets

The band describes the sound of Desert Center pretty nice: “It’s an inadvertent juxtaposition maintained through the entirety of Desert Center, with blazing instrumental nuggets like “The Scavenger” alternating with the proto-grunge and golden oldies mash-up of a track like “Blame Myself.“

 Desert Center on Suicide Squeeze Records

Guantánamo Baywatch’ released their previous album Darling… It’s Too Late, in 2015. Now we are ready for Desert Center which will be released on the Seattle based Suicide Squeeze Records. This album retains the “raw aesthetics of a Hasil Adkins single, but has the added heft and thump afforded by a modern studio”.
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San Diego based The Frights delivering catchy but aggressive Surf Garage Rock

They Hail from San Diego and describe their music as “a hormonally charged garage-surf-punk mess of driving rhythms and reverb-drenched riffs with 50’s rockabilly references as fresh as the faces of this San Diego band”. The Frights deliver catchy songs the more you listen.

The Frights try to mix elements of surf, classic punk, and doo-wop. This  mixed drink of genres results in a catchy but aggressive sound, and how they self-describe “playfully ridiculous all at once.”

From The Misfits to Buddy Holly

Out of your speakers, this sounds like a collaboration of bands like The Misfits, Dick Dale, Buddy Holly and Joe Liggins. Especially the fifties Rock ‘n Roll and Doo Wop influences are pretty well composed.

In their lyrics, you’ll find themes like love,  and all the desire to have a better life. Like in old 50s cruising Rock ‘n Roll songs you listen in your car on a Sunny day, the Frights let you get a smile out of these songs.

The Frights formed in 2012 as a time-killer project

The Frights were formed in 2012 by lead vocalist/guitarist Mikey Carnevale, bassist Richard Dotson, and drummer Adam Lomnitzer as a simple time-killer project following the trio’s graduation from high school.

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Influential all-women Garage band the Pleasure Seekers – “Never Thought You’d Leave Me”

Back in the sixties, there was a sub-culture of several garage band in Detroit. One of these bands were the Pleasure Seekers, an all-women band containing sister  Suzi Quatro and Patti Quatro, Nancy Ball, Mary Lou Ball, and Diane Baker.

First Pleasure Seekers Album in 1965

The Pleasure Seekers released their first record in 1965, when Suzi Quatro and her sister Patti Quatro were 15 and 17 years old, respectively, on the Hideout label. Both sides of their first single – “Never Thought You’d Leave Me” b/w “What a Way to Die” – have some prominence;

“Never Thought You’d Leave Me” is really a great song. You’ve got to dig the surf and alternative grooves these girls deliver. Especially the fact these girls were only fifteen and seventeen years old really amazes me. The red thread in this song is the harmonic guitar lick which keeps returning throughout the song.

Watch The Pleasure Seekers Video “Never Thought You’d Leave Me” below!

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“Actually total badass” Guantanamo Baywatch’ Surf Rock n Roll

“Actually total badass” Guantanamo Baywatch’ Surf Rock n Roll

In the tradition of Dick Dale and his Del-Tones and bands like The Sonics the three members of Portland based band Guantanamo Baywatch are bringing raw edged Garage and Surf sounds to us. With tours in the US, Europe and Australia they are delivering surf music around the world.

Guantanamo Baywatch bring a lot of real Rock ‘n Roll with their music and that is especially these days a welcome gift. Their songs are filled with kick ass guitar riffs that remind you of Dick Dale and other surf guitarist. The vocals and lyrics are raw, gritty and humorous.

Sounds Like: Dick Dale | The Sonics | Dead Ghosts | The Reverend Horton Heat | The Cramps

Darling… It’s Too Late

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Blended Surf Rock ‘N Roll by Dead Ghosts

Blended Rock ‘N Roll by Dead Ghosts

Mix Garage, Surf, Rockabilly, Punk and a little bit of Rhythm and Blues into a Rock ‘n Roll blender and you will come close to the sound of Dead Ghosts from Vancouver, Canada. Their  strength lays in it seems the ease they play their songs with. Over the Years they released several albums of which their latest “Love And Death And All The Rest” . 

On their bandpage’s you will read that Dead Ghosts have a “Rauchy lo-fi recording style, country-esque vibes, “sweet guitar pluck-and-jangle,” driving rhythms, and the occasional Back From The Grave feel is the basic make up of their songs”.

It’s Up To You, Can’t Get No and Rat Race

Their songs are very well arranged. “It’s Up To You” Is a perfect example of Dead Ghosts music. The raw vocals and the sixties guitar match perfectly, above that all you will find a groove that fits summer and surfing times. Think of bands like the Surftones, Duane Eddy and Dick Dale.

“Can’t Get No” is the title track of their similar album released in 2013. this song is as fast as a highspeed train and contains some killer guitar riffs. “Rat Race” contains some of the finest melodies you will find in lyrics nowadays. Listen below and experience for yourself! This songs brings a feelgood groove to you livingroom, bar, car or porch and  the only thing I experienced was the disappointment this song ended so quick.

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Other songs worth listening are “Roky Said”, “I Wan’t You Back” and “When It Comes To You”, which is remarkable or the leading guitar riff. But above that all you will find soulful melodic vocals built on a standard rock ‘n roll Riff.

I hope you get the feeling, the Dead Ghosts bring a fresh garage groove to modern Rock ‘n Roll and that is what we really need more. I like that they blend the great sound of sixties Garage, Surf and Rock into a new sound and I’m looking forward hearing more on vinyl from this band.

Photo Credit: Album cover of Love And Death And All The Rest by DEAD GHOSTS. Credit to Dead Ghosts and the designer of the cover.

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