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Swinging the Blues with one man band “Hot Nasho and the Himself Orchestra

He Hails from southern Spain and calls himself Hot Nasho and Himself Orchestra. This one man band blues brother recovers songs of old bluesmen and other tunes from the 20´s to 60´s  in the blues, ragtime, swing and Rock n Roll genre.  This music swings, grooves and is a pleasure to listen to! 

One man band the “Himself Orchestra”

You might have heard Hot Nasho with his main project as “one man band” (Hot Nasho and himself orchestra). As a one man band, he has recorded two self-produced album. The debut album, “All packed to go”, appeared in 2012, and three years later published the second one, “Right from wrong”.

Daredevil love — Hot Nasho and himself orchestra

New Album Hot Nasho “Lain Down Thinking”

Now, you can find his third album “Lain down thinking” which includes only his original compositions. This album contains a mix of instrumental songs like “Winding Road” and lyrically groove songs like “Daredevil Love”.

Hot Nasho and Himself Orchestra – Pretty Sinner Baby

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SEE: The Speakeasy Three: “When I Get Low, I Get High”

These ladies from England are influenced by the sound and style of female legends like: The Andrews Sisters, Billie Holiday, Etta James, Josephine Baker, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf.

Video: “When I Get Low, I Get High” The Speakeasy Three

A few years ago they released their video of “When I Get Low, I Get High. Now the video has been viewed over four and a half million times. The historical setting and the intriguing vocals really are inspiring.  Follow the Speakeasy Three here.

Prepare to swing, sway, sizzle and swoon! The Speakeasy Three are rolling out their show-stopping, room-swinging, after dark agenda for your delight.

Photo credit: Screen from video “when I get Low. I get High. The speakeasy three

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Ragtime Blues of a group travelers St. Cider

St. Cider  Ragtime Blues in style of the Jug bands

If you listen to St. Cider you’ll hear a nice harmony between a whole lot of roots instruments. But above all it is the harmonious voices of ST. Cider that grab your attention. “Double Yellow Blues’ is a perfect example for the bands repertoire, It is a  fantastic song, I really dig the great vocals and the instrumental jam that lift this song to a climax.

“Greenbelt Blues” is a humble song more folkloric and, slower then other songs in their repertoire. “You Aint No City Dog” is a catchy that will make you dance. The music reminds me of the New Orleans swing, blues and jazz of the pre-war era. Guys like Professor Longhair who was picked up from the street to make music again, Or Frank Stokes who performed with his duo the Beale street Sheiks outdoors.

Travelers making music

St. Cinder is comprised of six travelers. On their Facebook page they write that “We were all individually moving along the line from town to town busking for our fare and seeing the sights and smelling the smells. Our lines crossed in southern Oregon and we hit the ground running”. 

Follow St Cider on Facebook and Bandcamp

Sounds Like: The Hokum Highrollers | Hackensaw Boys | Maison du Malheur | White City Shakers


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The Honeydripper Bluesman Roosevelt Sykes

Roosevelt Sykes Black bull blues album

The Honeydripper Bluesman Roosevelt Sykes

He was always present in the studio ready to play the piano. And you could recognise the bluesman of this article by his stylish suit and hat. Roosevelt Sykes the Honeydripper bluesman had a career in blues which lasted seven decades. He made fame in four Blues cities Helena. St. Louis, Chicago and New Orleans and performed with a whole lot of great musicians.

Sykes music was divers, but always groovy

You will like Roosevelt Sykes for his diversity. For example: ‘Sputnik Baby’  is an electric Blues song with  influences from Boogie Woogie, to Chicago Blues. On the other hand St. James Infirmary is a jazzy New Orleans blues song that is slow emotional and goes through your bones. Sykes sings beautiful his piano style is soulful and grooves fine on the slow rhythm.

“The Blues Player, he ain’t worried and bothered,but he’s got something for the worried people” 

Roosevelt Sykes – Sputnik Baby

Recording His First Songs for Okeh

According to All music’: Sykes began recording in 1929 for OKeh and was signed to four different labels the next year under four different names (he was variously billed as Dobby Bragg, Willie Kelly, and Easy Papa Johnson)! Sykes joined Decca Records in 1935, where his popularity blossomed. After relocating to Chicago, Sykes inked a pact with Bluebird in 1943 and recorded prolifically for the RCA subsidiary with his combo, the Honeydrippers, scoring a pair of R&B hits in 1945 (covers of Cecil Gant’s “I Wonder” and Joe Liggins’ “The Honeydripper”).

I listed some of my favorite tunes of the Honeydripper in this article  Scroll down and experience for yourself!

Feel like Blowing My Horn

Roosevelt Sykes – “Gulfport Boogie”


Roosevelt Sykes – St. James Infirmary

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Clarence Samuels – Lolly Pop Mama

Clarence Samuels – Lolly Pop Mama

Clarence Samuels could sing the doowop, the swing and the boogie. He was an excellent blues shouter like Wynonie Harris and Big Joe Turner. During the forties he work alongside the finest blues orchestra’s and blues band and toured alongside Johnny Copeland.

Clarence Samuels, born in Baton Rouge a son of Beulah Woodward Samuels made quite some fame alongside Roy Brown the Rhythm and Blues musician, who recorded the original song and hit recording “Good Rocking Tonight“. All though there isn’t a lot of music of Samuels available online, Clarence Samuels is absolutely worth listening!

If you listen to Samuels music you will feel the boogie and the swing. The jazzy bassline and horn section really make a like song “Lolly pop Mama” . Clarence voice smoothly grooves over the orchestral music. “Boogie

Woogie Blues” is a song Clarence Samuels sang together with Dave Young’s Orchestra in September 1947.

Clarence Samuels – Boogie Woogie Blues

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Pokey LaFarge No retro music. American music that never died

Pokey LaFarge no retro music. American music that never died

Pokey LaFarge 2012 Reutlingen Photo by GuyFrancis
Pokey LaFarge 2012 Reutlingen Photo by GuyFrancis

We’re going back to the thirties of the twentieth century when Robert Johnson was still alive. Son House performed over the southern states and Muddy Waters was still working at the Stovall Plantation in Mississippi. Blues has always been there, even now musicians cross the road of the blues scene. One of the musician we caught playing traditional roots music nowadays is Pokey LaFarge, a thirty year old bluesman. Continue reading Pokey LaFarge No retro music. American music that never died

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