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Song Of the Day: Tampa Red & Georgia Tom – Its Tight Like That

Song Of the Day: Tampa Red & Georgia Tom – Its Tight Like That

The music of Tampa Red is timeless and everytime I’m amazed how great the composition of Tampa’s songs are. For the recording of “It’s Tight Like That” Red worked together with Georgia born blues and gospel musician Georgia Tom.

‘ It’s Tight Like That’  is a Jam between Tampa and Georgia Tom. The catchy vocals and guitar really make this song spin through your head.

Collaboration between Tampa Red and Georgia Tom

Georgia Tom born as Thomas Andrew Dorsey was known as “the father of black gospel music”, he studied music in Chicago and after he became an agent for Paramount Records he soon put together a band for Ma Rainey. By that time Tampa Red also lived in Chicago and was hired to accompany Ma Rainey. Through that collaboration Tanmpa met Georgia Tom. They began recording in early 1928. “It’s Tight Like That was one of their first collaborations. Eventually Tom and Tampa would record over 90 sides. Together they became known as ‘ the Hokum Boys’.

Gertrude “Ma” Rainey-Black Eye Blues

Photo Credit: Jack Delano [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Song Of The Day: Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup – My Baby Left Me

Song Of The Day: Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup – My Baby Left Me

Delta and Rhythm and Blues singer Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crodup had a clear inluence on the development of Rock ‘n Roll. Three of his songs including “My Baby Left Me” were later covered by Elvis Presley, but not only Presley covered Crodup’s songs also Elton John and Rod Stewart knew how to re-record the work of this bluesman.

“My Bay Left Me” was originally recorded on  November 8, 1950, with Ransom Knowling on bass and Judge Riley on drums.  The rockin’ bassline and the swinging drum at the intro of this song really make this song kick off! I also like it that in  the cover versions this part of the song hasn’t changed.

After visiting Chicago in 1939 he stayed there to live a hard life as a musician. After he met blues producer Lester Melrose and Tampa Red, his career went beter. Crodup got the change to record songs which he did throughout the forties and fifties.

Elvis Presley Version

Elvis Presley admired Arthur “Big Boy” crodup, that may be the reasion the King of Rock ‘n Roll recorded three of his songs. Elvis versions of “My Baby Left Me” Brings a  lot more country and rock ‘n Roll to the song; absolutely worth listening.

Elvis Presley – My Baby Left Me

Arthur Crodup Interview

By Tom Hilton (originally posted to Flickr as img261) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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John “Ice Cream Man” Brim Chicago’s Blues guitarist

John “Ice Cream Man” Brim Chicago’s Blues guitarist

There is no music genre where the harmonica has a bigger and dominant role than in the Blues. We all know musicians like Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson and Junior Wells who played some bad ass tunes over the years. These guys had all one thing in common a good guitarist. A musician who was brilliant in playing the blues guitar to accompany the Harp was John Brim. The Chicago Blues master you should now for writing and recording the blues original “Ice Cream Man”, backed by Little Walter.

John Brim Blues Influences

Brim is a man who knows how blues guitar should be played, as a dance around the harmonica and steady drums. Swinging high and heavy through your bones in a tight rhythm. Brim was influenced by playing with old dogs Big Bill Broonzy, Tampa Red and John Lee Williamson and Big Maceo Merriweather.

After arriving in Chicago he continued his musical journey by jamming with friends like Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Floyd Jones and Jimmy Reed. With these bluesmen he defined the sound of the Chicago Blues.

John Brim and Grace Brim the Blues couple

John Brim and his wife Grace, who was an excellent harmonica and drum player, started performing around 1948 with Big Maceo Merriweather. They accompanied Merriweather on four titles for Fortune Records in Detroit. (The Blues Encyclopedia,p. 147 / Edward Komara,Peter Lee). After Years of performing they became the king and Queen of the Indiana Blues scene. Steve Cushing once interviewed John and his wife Grace for Blues before Sunrise . Read the interview here.

Van Halen & J. Geils covers Brim

Like Many other Blues musicians Brim Recorded for several labels like Chess, Checker, Parrot and Random. His songs were covered by a lot of bands. Van Halen made their own version of “Ice Cream Man”, J Geils Band covered “Be Careful”.nbsp;

In contrast to Brim, Van Halen scored a top hit with “Ice Cream Man”. Brim once commented to writer Teven Sharp: “Van Halen did it…. It stayed on the charts for twenty years. We did it, It stayed on the shelf for twenty years“. Nevertheless, the cover songs of Van Halen and the J. Geils Band ensured Brim to receive a significant amount of royalties.  (The Blues Encyclopedia,p. 147 / Edward Komara,Peter Lee)

John Brim Spotify

John Brim – Tough Times

John Brim-Ice Cream Man

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