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Ford Madox Ford Debut EP “This American Blues”

Punk Rock Heroes changed into Bluesmen with a brand new debut L.P. “This American Blues”. I’m talking about LA-based band Ford Madox Ford containing former The Dils member Chip Kinman. The LP’s single “Dark American Night” is already a true trademark song for this punk blues band. Listen to it here! 

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Punk Rocked Blues music by Ford Madox Ford

Punk Rocked Blues music by Ford Madox Ford

In the late seventies The Dils were one of the major Punk Rock bands in the California area. After a few successful years The group fronted by Chip and Tony Kinman broke up in 1980, but the Kinman brothers continued to play music in different projects. The last decade Chip ‘exiled’ from music. But now he has returned with the Punk Rocked Blues band Ford Madox Ford, which reflects Kinman’s own take on the blues. Kinman’s vision and style of playing Blues is out of the box but in some way traditional. It is modern but also close to the roots. But above all it makes me curious what to expect more from this band.

First song: “Expect It”

“Expect It” Is the first song Ford Madox Ford released (on vinyl) by Porterhouse Records. You will hear the Punk Rock influences in this song, but “Expect It” is a arranged on a traditional blues progression. About the sound of Ford Madox Ford Kinman told the L.A. times:

“This is not a boutique band. We play really loud,” “And it is definitely not about ‘keeping the blues alive.’ I went to a big blues show recently and kept hearing that. The blues is not going down the drain by any means, there’s no need for that kind of talk. We are planning on doing everything, recording, touring, winning a Grammy. So that’s the plan — Best Blues album Grammy 2016!”

I’m looking forward hearing more from this band. There is no doubt Ford Madox Ford will bring us very interesting blues inspired music!

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The Dils – “Red Rockers” (1979)

Photo Credit: Press Photo Ford Madox Ford, credits to Ford Madox Ford and the original photographer

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