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Debut EP by Electric blues machine called Thee Old Worries


Debut EP by Electric blues machine called Thee Old Worries

Enjoy the fast blues bass and guitar lick of “Coffin Blues” because this ain’t a steamtrain moving up your way but a high electric machine destroying everything around. The vocals show attidute, there is no remorse but above this song is packed in a fine melodic blues box.

“Mind Made Up” shows us the same energy and especially after listening to “Coffin Blues” this is the moment you should really be headbanging wherever you are, your car, at home or at a Thee Old Worries concert. With 4.27 minutes it is the longest track on Blue Eyed Girl but in fact, you wouldn’t notice. I also really like the refernce to “Baby Please Don’t Go” at the end f the song!

Other influences on ‘Blue Eyed Girl EP

You’d think Thee Old Worries only bring hard rocking blues song into your living room or headphones, but thats not right! Title song “Blue Eyed Girl” is a slow song and easy listenable. You will hear Influences from country, Americana and folk tunes. A perfect end of a great EP.

Who are Thee Old Worries?

The Old Worries are a brand new blues rock ‘n’ roll outfit consisting of Luis Moreno, Jake Anderson, and Isaac Larios. Recognizing immediately the musical synergy between each other, the trio devised a plan to record together during some down time in Seattle, Washington. In only a matter of days they were able to pump out a solid six song ep titled Blue Eyed Girl.

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