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PREVIEW NEW ALBUM Songhoy Blues’ Résistance

The guys from Songhoy Blues are Hailin’ from Timbuktu Mali and delivering really uptempo grooving desert punk-blues.

They just released a fresh album called Résistance on the Fat Possum Record label. This album was recorded in the autumn of 2016 in London with producer Neil Comber (MIA, Django Django, Crystal Fighters, Declan McKenna).

High Grooving Blues Rock From Mali: Songhoy Blues

I got to admit their song are bringing a mix of al genres in the blues and roots world together. You got basslines that would fit in James Brown’s repertoire. On the other hand, you’ve got  guitar riffs and drum beats that you would hear  on an album of The Strokes. Like in “Al Hassidi Terei”.

According to the Telegraph, The band was formed in Bamako after they were forced to leave their homes during the civil conflict and the imposition of Sharia Law.

Their first song “Bamako” is just released and gives a pretty good impression of what you can expect on Resistance. According to Fat Possum this album is  “a huge leap forward for Songhoy Blues, a musical snapshot of a band at the top of their game. Richer, more eclectic and musically adventurous, it captures a band who, for the last three years, have toured the world and soaked up music far beyond the borders of their native Mali”.

Songhoy Blues – Al Hassidi Terei

One thing is sure about this new album. Their repertoire is broadend with more Rhythm and Blues and Soul and Funk influences. This shows the band is growing musically. Hopefully the other songs are as promosing as “Bamako”. 
Songhoy Blues – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Songhoy Blues: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Photo credit: Songhoy Blues profile bandcamp. Credit to the original photographer and Songhoy Blues

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