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Heavy Blues with attitude Jane Lee Hooker

Heavy Blues with attitude Jane Lee Hooker

They show once again that electric blues easily goes hand in hand with the energy of rock and punk music. The five women of Jane Lee Hooker from New York City infuse the grit and attitude of their hometown into the blues.

‘Wade In The Water’ power song!

Wade In The Water, is their powerhouse hit song with a whole lot of attitude. High, gritty and powerful vocals are mixed with heavy bass and bad ass guitar solos. This song is like a destructive 4×4 pick up crossing through wild swamps leaving everything behind. But above all, the four minutes this song last go by in a heartbeat.

Inspiration from Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and Johnny Winter

With double lead guitars, a hard-driving rhythm section, and soul-scouring vocals, Jane Lee Hooker honors the likes of Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Johnny Winter, Big Mama Thornton, and other blues greats. Few bands today deliver the goods with as much raw soul as Jane Lee Hooker.

Jane lee Hooker Balck Bull BLues - press photo
Jane lee Hooker Balck Bull Blues – press photo

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