Unique video Freddie King: Performance at the Travis Co. Jail

Unique video Freddie King:  Performance at the Travis Co. Jail

The style of Freddie King speaks for itself and what it says to anyone is grooving blues, tight guitar playing and attitude. In 1976, not long before Freddie’s death, producer, filmmaker and editor Ric Sternberg shot a piece of Freddie King performing for inmates at the Travis Co. Jail. Watch this unique footage of Freddie King and his half-brother Bennie.  

Video by Ric Sternberg

Like Johnny Cash and other musicians in those days did, Freddie and his half-brother Bennie were invited  to play for the inmates at the Travis Co. Jail.  The prisoners loved it. So did the musicians.  Ric sternberg shot it with help from William McLellan & Linda Evans. It was shot with a single tube camera.

In this video King performs “Sweet Home Chicago” and “Let The Good Times Roll” on an acousric guitar. You hear Freddy say something like: “I normally play electric, but I’ll work somerhing out”. Unlike other musicians Freddie King performed in front of the cells. Now and then he said something but mostly he walk from cell to cell singing some fine blues tunes.

This video is really a treasure and shows a great Freddie King. I’m happy the maker put this available for all blues fans!

Video Credit: Ric Sternberg
Photo By Bert Verhoeff (ANEFO) (GaHetNa (Nationaal Archief NL)) [CC BY 4.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

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